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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules    Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:22 pm

~Welcome to Dragon Ball RPG~

As the Administrator of Dragon Ball RPG or DBRPG if you prefer abbreviations, would like to personally welcome all of you to the exciting world of Dragon Ball. This is a series that has stayed in the hearts of many through out the years, and has made its long awaited return. So come on and enjoy the site, where I hope you decide to be your new home for Dragon Ball experience.

~Role-playing Rules~

Rule #1: Please do your absolute best to not post 1 liners, I mean it makes it difficult for the others you may be doing a thread with to post. Besides that 1 liner could cause your death, remember the key to good RPing is in the details. So please have fun, but try to be descriptive.
Penalty: None, Request from Staff

Rule #2: If a topic is up and the people who are participating in the Topic have not left, you are allowed to join it. Do remember to Read the topic before joining so that you have an understanding of what is going on and do not get yourself killed. Here are some examples of Items or abbreviations used in topics and Headers:

  • Exit - The poster has left the topic.
  • Approved - The Actions and/or Rewards have been approved by a Mod/Admin.
  • IO/Invite only/Private - Only people who are invited can join this topic.
  • Spar/Training- A fight, for training purposes.
  • Nk/No Kill- A topic in which killing will not be allowed what so ever.
  • Void- The Action or Actions are Void and did not happen.
  • IC- In Character
  • OOC- Out of Character
  • XXX/R - For topics that are gruesome or have sexual content.
  • Social: Topics open to others.

Penalty: None, Staff Request Only

Rule #3: Metagaming, Powergaming, and Godmodding will not be allowed. That is the action of making another players character do something without their permission or Insta-hits and also knowing something that was not learned through actual Rp.
Penalty: 1st - Warning, 2nd - 2 Day Suspension, 3rd - Permanent Ban

Rule #4: Please keep your In Character self and Out of Character self separate. Keep them close to the Character personality that was given when registered. Such as if you hate a player, your character can not automatically hate them for no reason because you do. This keeps the aspect of RPing more legitimate
Penalty: 1st - Warning,  2nd - 2 Day Suspension, 3rd - Permanent Ban

~Site Wide Rules~

Rule #1: Spamming is not allowed on the site, No constant posting of random picture or Dirty pictures, No posting on topics because you have a question, As well as the chatbox. Do not post hundreds items in the chatbox because you are bored, this does not help anyone and can slow some people's Computers down.
Penalty: 1st - Warning,  2nd - 2 Day Suspension, 3rd - Permanent Ban

Rule #2: Linking away from the site is not allowed, to put this simpler if you have an advertisement for a different site post it in the advertisement section. However, if you linking someone to a picture or a video, something non-rp related. That can be posted in their own sections, in the OOC Area.
Penalty: 1st - Warning,  2nd - 2 Day Suspension, 3rd - Permanent Ban

Rule #3: If you are feeling lost, or you are tired of that character you are allowed to kill them off. Note that if you kill off a character, everything with in their possession is lost. You are then set back to the starting point of your new character.
Penalty: None

Rule #4: Everyone deserves respect and if you think they do not. We ask that you keep that to yourself and still treat them how you wish to be treated. If you or anyone else is reported or seen being disrespectful to others you will be Banned from the Chat for however long the Mod sees fit.
Penalty: CB Ban (Time Varies)

Rule #5: The Chatbox is a privilege given to the members for a faster way to communicate with the other users of the site. Please do not abuse it by posting nasty pictures, disgusting comments, being rude, mean, or vulgar. Or you will be banned for however long the mod sees fit.
Penalty: 1st - Warning,  2nd - Kick, 3rd - Ban (Time Varies)

Rule #6: Characters Applications must be looked over and approved by a Staff members of the site. If you have not gotten an approval you can not Roleplay until then. Deaths will also be looked over before the final verdict is called. Staff will look for any GodMod and such and will Void if they see fit.
Penalty: Void Threads

Rule #7: There are two ways to change your Username, the first is through a Admin, and the second is on your own. If the Second is abused and the names become outrageous this will be taken away.
Penalty: None

Rule #8: Canon does not exist in this world, but that does not stop you from being a similar version of a canon character, we encourage Originality.
Penalty: None

Rule #9: If you have an Application that has not been looked at by a mod or Admin, you are allowed to bump it, Also If you are fighting and a player does not post for 48 hours since your last post, then you can 48 hour them and if you are hitting them it will be considered a Auto-hit. Any Exit post done can be stopped by an opposing enemy in 12 hours. After so they are free to go.
Penalty: Staff Must Approve

Rule #10: Everything that is Bought, trained, or achieved through special means needs a staff members Approvals.
Penalty: Void Non-Approved Use

Rule #11: There are two types of topics: Current, the topics that flow with the timeline, you are only allowed to be in three topics at a time in the same planet. And Flashback, which occurred in the past, these can be in other planets at different times. If you have open topics in a planet you are not allowed to leave the planet to travel the universe until it is closed or you have left it.
Penalty: Void Topics that don't follow correctly

Rule #12: If you are traveling from one planet the user or users must wait a specific amount of time IRL, during this time the user or users may train or just RP walking around their ship.
Penalty: Arrival Voided
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Basic Rules
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